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Skot Latona Earns Master Interpreter Award

Dec 11 2014

Skot Latona receiving the 2014 Master Interpreter AwardMaking a living doing what you love has its rewards. Knowledge, passion and creativity are just a few reasons why South Suburban Parks and Recreation’s Skot Latona is the recipient of the Master Interpretive Manager Award for 2014. He was presented with the award during the November 22, National Association for Interpretation (NAI) workshop in Denver.

As supervisor of South Platte Park in Littleton, Skot’s interest in the natural world, coupled with his enthusiasm for learning new ways to help people connect with nature, adds a lot to visitor’s enjoyment and experience at the park.

As a park interpreter, Skot’s job is to help the public make sense of nature, especially the 880 acres of natural open space in South Platte Park. Skot’s intimate awareness of the flora and fauna in the park, knowing the best place to spot coyote tracks or how to distinguish an invasive species, are just a few of his exemplary interpretive skills.

Skot also goes beyond the boundaries of typical interpretation to connect the public to South Platte Park through the use of social media, such as his creative "Get Back to Nature" campaign he ran on the park's Facebook page in 2013. Beyond his role as a model interpreter, Skot is also an incredible mentor to his staff. He teaches by example, through his co-leadership of the Certified Interpretive Guide course, and by providing opportunities for professional development.

The Master Interpretive Manager Award is presented to an NAI member who has worked for a minimum of 5 years in the profession and whose current duties are at least 60 percent supervisory.  Recipients demonstrate a mastery of interpretive techniques, site and staff management and a respected ability to pass these skills to others.

The National Association for Interpretation (NAI) is a not-for-profit 501(C)(3) professional association for those involved in the interpretation of natural and cultural heritage resources in settings such as parks, zoos, museums, nature centers and more.