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Partnership Helps Keep South Suburban Parks Poop Free

Partnership Helps Keep South Suburban Parks Poop Free

Feb 03 2015

There are few things more irritating than stepping in dog poop. While many people are dog aficionados, no one likes what they leave behind. To help curb this nuisance, South Suburban Park and Recreation District has partnered with Poo Free Parks, a Denver-based company that provides environmentally-responsible pet waste supplies and services.

At South Suburban’s direction, Poo Free Parks installs, supplies and maintains dog poop bag dispensers on District-owned or managed property. The dog poo bag stations are located in neighborhoods, District parks and along popular walking trails and paths. The contract between South Suburban and Poo Free Parks is reviewed annually, and continues to be a financially prudent decision, as it’s less expensive for Poo Free Parks to oversee the maintenance and stocking of the dog poop bags than it is to have South Suburban staff manage it.

There are more than 150 poo bag dispensers located throughout the District, and each dispenser goes through on average, 76 bags per week. The dispensers that Poo Free Parks provides are equipped with bags that are bio-friendly, and are made from at least 50 percent recycled material. 

“Partnering with Poo Free Parks has helped decrease the amount of errant dog waste on the ground. People are using the bags to clean up after their dog and disposing of it properly,” said Jim Priddy, Director of Parks and Open Space for South Suburban.

Since implementing the program, the District has experienced more compliance by pet caregivers and owners. The parks stay clean and enjoyable for all when everyone scoops up their dog’s waste.  The District estimates that on average; approximately 950 pounds of dog waste is picked up monthly. For more information on Poo Free Parks visit