Construction and Detours


South Suburban is dedicated to the improvement of its facilities, parks & trails for the good of the community. Projects are listed by earliest start date. Please check back periodically for new projects.

Family Sports Dome Improvements
Project description: After nearly a decade of heavy use, the artificial turf at the District’s Sports Dome is being replaced with a new and improved product. Also included in the project is new carpet in the facility’s lobby and a new efficient water fountain with a water bottle filler feature. Additionally, a section of the Dome will be pressure washed and cleaned.
Anticipated Construction Dates: May 22 - Jun 26, 2017
Project Contact: Brad Stafford, Supervisor of Family Sports Dome or 303.754.0542

South Suburban Golf Course Entry Road and Parking Lot
Project description: One lane of the entry road to South Suburban Golf Course will be closed to allow one-way traffic with construction flaggers starting May 31. Some areas of the parking lot will be closed, and the parking lot will be under construction until June 9. Golfers may experience some delays getting into the parking areas and we are working as fast as possible to alleviate inconveniences.
Anticipated Construction Dates: May 31 - Jun 9, 2017
Project Contact: Shawn Wissel, Grounds, Trails and Natural Open Space Manager, or 303.953.7626

Littles Creek Park Improvements with Detours
Project description: Park improvements will be made to the playground at Littles Creek Park.  Improvements include expanding the existing play area which will provide separate play areas for ages 2 - 5 and ages 5 - 12.  Both play areas will have 100% rubber play surfacing and will include new play structures and new swings.  The nautical theme will remain in the proposed play equipment. Temporary loop trail closures within the park will occur and detour signage will be in place to lead the user back to the trail.  The shelter will remain open for the duration of the project.
Anticipated Construction Dates: June 2017 – August 2017
Project Contact: Steve White, Park Planner II,, 303.483.7024


deKoevend Park and Goodson Recreation Center Detours
Project description: CHAL. LLC, the owner of the commercial property adjacent to Goodson Recreation Center and deKoevend Park, is constructing an assisted living facility.  There will be intermittent detours on the Goodson Entry Road and parking lot during the construction of the assisted living facility.
Anticipated Detour Dates:  October 2015 – June 2017
Project Contact: Melissa Reese-Thacker, Manager of Planning, or 303.483.7023

Big Dry Creek Trail Detour
Project description: Big Dry Creek Trail at West Lehow Ave.
Anticipated Detour Dates: Ongoing
Project Contact:Shawn Wissel, Grounds, Trails and Natural Open Space Supervisor, or 303.953.7626

Province Center Park Detour
Project description: Province Center Park Trail will be under construction from 5/17/17 until 5/25/17. New concrete is being placed on both the North and South sides of the new playground area. Please use an appropriate detour to access the park from the open and completed work areas or from Whimberel Drive.
Anticipated Construction Dates: May 17 - 25, 2017
Project Contact: Shawn Wissel, Grounds, Trails and Natural Open Space Manager, or 303.953.7626

Contact Information

For further information about any construction, detours, proposed or sustainability projects, please contact Brett Collins, Director of Planning and Development, at or 303.483.7021.