South Suburban Board Considering November Ballot Question

Aug 19 2014

A Citizens Committee composed of more than 70 members of the public volunteered to analyze current recreational programs, research demographics, trends and needs, and to come to consensus about goals and direction for the South Suburban Park and Recreation District over the near future.  After six months of work, the Citizens Committee presented its findings and recommendations in the 2014 Gold Medal Report.  Overall, the Citizens Committee concluded that the District is well managed.   The Committee’s recommendations trend toward making enhancements and improvements to existing recreation facilities, parks, playgrounds and trails.  The report also calls for action to secure more funding to ensure that South Suburban can take care of and maintain what it provides for the community.  The South Suburban Board has reviewed the 2014 Gold Medal Report and is considering a mail ballot election this November for a two-mill property tax increase. This type of funding mechanism would cost a homeowner approximately $4 dollars a month for a home valued at $300,000. To follow the Board’s decision, visit the Announcement section on our homepage.