Park Rangers

What We Do:

SSPRD Park Rangers are community assets that protect visitor safety and park resources through customer service, education, and rule enforcement.

How to Reach Us:

Reach the on-duty ranger seven days per week from 6:30 am to sunset by calling 303.435.8227. You may also email us at

Check us out on Twitter, too! @rangerssprd

Reasons to Contact Us:

  • Questions or concerns about our Park Rules & Regulations.
  • Reports of rule violations or safety concerns.
  • Wildlife sightings or conflicts.

Where to Find Us:

Rangers are based at Carson Nature Center in South Platte Park (3000 W. Carson Dr., Littleton, CO 80201). However, we serve and roam the entire District! Rangers can be found in any of South Suburban’s 125+ parks, from TrailMark in Littleton all the way out to Rueter Hess Reservoir near Parker. Visit our Parks Map to explore the District.


On-Duty Ranger:



Visit the Fishing page to view the latest South Platte Park fishing report and submit photos of your fish to be featured as the Catch of the Week! 

Junior Rangers:

Become a Junior Ranger today!

South Suburban Park Rangers have an important duty to help keep visitors safe while they are having fun in our parks. We need your help! Print and complete the Junior Ranger Guide, and take the pledge at the end to become a Junior Ranger. Pick up your FREE Junior Ranger sticker by turning in your completed guide at the Carson Nature Center. Printed guides are also available at Carson Nature Center, or from the Park Rangers you may meet out in the parks.





Meet Your Park Rangers

Park Rangers can help answer questions about open spaces, trails, park rules and much more. 


Ranger Ryan

Ryan is a full time law enforcement ranger. Originally from Chicago, Ryan grew up in Evergreen, Colorado where he developed a passion for fishing, hunting, hiking, and camping. Ryan has experience as a park ranger and animal control officer for the city of Aurora and was a seasonal park ranger with South Suburban at Rueter Hess Reservoir in summer of 2021. Ryan loves to share his knowledge of parks, natural resources, fishing, and wildlife with all who visit the parks, and makes the best venison jerky this side of the Continental Divide.

Ranger Maddie

Ranger Maddie is a full time law enforcement ranger. She grew up in the heart of the South Suburban district in Littleton, Colorado. Maddie has experience as a Park Ranger in the Denver Mountain Parks and the City of Lakewood. She is a certified interpretive guide. Maddie is an avid angler and is always on the hunt for the best tasting hotdog!



Ranger Emily

Ranger Emily started as a seasonal ranger in 2022 and is now a full-time South Suburban Ranger. She has several years of loss prevention and seasonal ranger experience here and in Maryland at Fort Frederick State Park. A new Colorado transplant (who is definitely happy about less humidity), she is excited to learn more about Colorful Colorado and to find a better sandwich (aka hotdog) than Maddie.









Ranger Ben

Ben is a full-time law enforcement park ranger who began his career with South Suburban as a seasonal park ranger in spring 2022. Ben is a certified Leave No Trace trainer, you’ll often find him pick sticking snack wrappers while walking SSPRD parks. Some of Ben’s favorite activities are camping, hiking, DnD and birding.