Public Records Requests

All requests for public record(s) maintained by the district shall be specific enough to allow the district to efficiently identify the requested record and respond to the request. To clarify and facilitate the processing of a request to inspect and/or obtain copies of records, the district requires the request is made in writing through the online request form.

Pursuant to §24-72-203 C.R.S. three (3) working days may be allowed for a search of the records. This may be extended by seven (7) working days for extenuating circumstances, to include the records being in active use, in storage or otherwise not readily available.


  • Must be paid in full prior to the release or viewing of documents.
  • For staff time spent for the following: researching and retrieving the requested records; conducting searches for requested records; reviewing records to determine whether they are responsive to the request, and identifying and separating those records that are not public and/or are privileged or confidential will be due.
  • Accrued at $33.58 per hour in excess of one hour.



South Suburban Open Records Request Form