Registration Office

The South Suburban registration office is located inside the Goodson Recreation Center, 6315 South University Boulevard. 

Our knowledgable registration team can answer questions about classes or programs, renew your South Suburban ID, or register you for your next adventure! 


How do I register for a class/team/activity?

South Suburban offers 5 types of activities and there are 5 separate registration systems.

Who do I contact if I have a question/concern about one of the SSPRD parks?

  • To reserve a shelter or field – contact Michelle Helm at (303) 953-7644 or michelleh@ssprd.org.
  • To share a concern about park facilities or usage – contact the Parks Department at 303-953-7628.
  • To request immediate assistance/concerns – contact the on-duty Park Ranger at 303-435-8227.

Why does my account say NonResident when I live in the SSPRD district? How do I fix it?

Residents of certain addresses in Arapahoe, Douglas, and Jefferson counties pay taxes to the South Suburban Parks & Recreation District and are entitled to Resident rates when participating in activities through SSPRD. Resident status is determined by the address listed in a patron’s account, and the system is sensitive to address conventions and abbreviations. Any typos or non-standard information in the account address can result in a NonResident status.

1234 South Main Circle – NonResident
1234 S Main Cir– Resident

If you believe your account is listed incorrectly and updating the address to match address conventions doesn’t solve it, you may contact the Registration Office, 303-347-5999, to have your address verified and account status updated.

How do I reserve a room/court/field at one of the facilities?

You can request a reservation at http://register.ssprd.org, under “Facility, Park & Court Rentals” tab. All facility rentals will need to be approved by either the Facility Supervisor or Assistant Supervisor. You can get more specific information by calling the facility you are interested in directly.
For any outdoor courts, contact Brad Stafford 303-597-7037.
For indoor turf/fields/courts, contact Josh Polgar 303-754-0542 (Sports Dome) or Ashley Geddes 303-798-7515 (Sports Complex).

How do I cancel a class?

Cancellations must be approved and processed by the Registration Office, 303-347-5999 or by the Program Coordinator. Cancelling a class may entitle patrons to an account credit or refund depending on the class and time of the cancellation. Not all cancellations will result in a credit or refund.

Patrons who cancel at least 3 business days (for most classes/programs; camps are 14 days) prior to the start of the class may receive the full cost of the class as an account credit (available for future registrations) or as a refund to their credit card less a $5 cancellation fee. Cancellations less than 3 days prior to the start of the class may not be eligible for credit or refund. Some programs may not offer refunds – that information is generally available at the time of registration and included on the receipt.

How can I cancel my monthly membership?

You must have completed at least two months of your monthly membership to request a cancellation. All monthly cancellations will need to be requested by the 15th of the month in order to cancel and discontinue reoccurring payments for the following month. You will need to fill out the request form, which you can find HERE and can turn them in to one of our recreation centers or to the Registration Office, located at the Goodson Recreation Center.

Do I need to renew my ID? How can I renew if needed?

The only activity currently requiring an ID is golf. All other programs and activities are available for registration with the patron’s name and/or phone number listed on their account. Accounts no longer have expirations dates and renewals are not required (except for golf), but we encourage patrons to contact the Registration Office to confirm that all account information is current.

To renew an SSPRD account for golf activities, patrons may stop by the Registration Office at the Goodson Recreation Center or the Littleton or Lone Tree golf courses. Golf IDs are $4 for district residents and $5 for nonresidents.

How will I know if I get moved off the waitlist and into a class?
You will receive notification – via phone and/or email – if a spot opens up in a class for which you are wait-listed. Waitlist updates may happen up to the day of the class or after the class begins. You will have 24 hours to either register and pay for the open spot or decline the spot and make it available to another patron. Confirming that your account includes current phone and email information helps ensure that you receive any waitlist notifications. Only people who are eligible for an open spot will receive notifications.

Where does my Silver Sneaker/Prime/Renew Active/Silver & Fit membership work?

Membership in one of these fitness benefit programs provides free access for fitness workouts, open swim sessions and selected drop-in fitness classes. Free attendance at the outdoor pools is also included. It does not include free access for Pickleball, outdoor Aqua fitness, activities at the Sports Complex, or other class registrations although some activities do offer a discounted rate for fitness benefit members.


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