Matching Gifts Program

The Matching Gifts Program provides a way for individuals, neighborhoods, homeowner associations, sports groups, businesses, and other organizations to join with South Suburban in the development of special projects. The District is interested in working with eligible groups in the continual development and improvement of District parks, facilities, and programs.

The District's Board of Directors annually budgets money in the General Fund to be used to match funding requests, in an amount up to fifty percent, from eligible applicants.

Current Program

Applications for the 2018 program were due by 5 pm, Friday, March 2, 2018.

Program Guidelines

Requests for funding must be in writing and meet the following requirements. Please note: requests of less than $2,000 are more likely to be approved for funding than requests in excess of that amount.

  • The project must be on District owned or leased property. Visit the online map.
  • Requests must be submitted by 5pm, Friday, March 2, 2018.
  • It is preferred that the funding match be in dollars, but consideration will be given for documented in-kind services, e.g., volunteer labor and donated materials.
  • Eligible projects must benefit the District, its facilities or programs, or facility or program participants.
  • The District will have the authority to accept or reject all or part of any proposal.
  • All improvements and purchases through this program are property of the District.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, the District will be responsible for operation, maintenance, repair, storage, liability and general insurance on any project or equipment funded by this program.
  • If projects have similar or equal benefits, the District may give preference to those applicants who have not received funding in the previous year.
  • Matching funds of applicant must be received two weeks after written notice of award, unless alternative date has been agreed upon by the District.

Previous Matching Gifts

Improvements for 2017 included:

  • Tree plantings near Foxridge Park
  • Storage shed at Family Sports Center Ice Arena
  • Gymnastics equipment at the Goodson Recreation Center
  • Disc Golf baskets at Walnut Hills Park
  • Tree and shrub plantings near Hogback Hill Park
  • Tree plantings along Dry Creek Trail
  • Tree plantings near a residence, on SSPRD property
  • Swim equipment at Cook Creek Pool
  • Pottery equipment at the Goodson Recreation Center
  • Tree plantings near Tiffany HOA park, on SSPRD property
  • Swim equipment at Ben Franklin Pool
  • Tree plantings along the Trailmark path