Nature Parties

Welcome, explorers! Celebrate in the great outdoors with a nature birthday party, including naturalist-guided programs on creepy crawlies, river treasures, geocaching, fairy parties and more.

South Platte Park
Cake/food/presents portions of parties take place in the Meadowlark Pavilion.  

Party Themes:

  • Bug Bonanza (Seasonal - Spring / Fall)
    Catch insects, spiders and other crawlies, and examine them up close.
  • Crazy About Crawdads (Seasonal - Spring / Fall)
    Wade into a pond to catch crawdads, tadpoles, frogs and a myriad of aquatic insects.
  • Geocaching (Ages 8+)
    Join the global craze of geocaching and find hidden treasures at South Platte Park or wherever your travels take you! Limited to 12 participants or less. 
  • River Treasure Hunt
    Start by building cities and floods in our interactive River Table, then explore the trees and gravel bars on a riverside hike with a scavenger/treasure hunt. We can tailor this party to be entirely outdoors without the River Table. Please note 12 kids can use the River Table at one time. If your party is larger than 12, the group will be split into two rotations. 
  • Princess Adventures
    Explore the park as early women adventurers did, discovering plants and animals that live in the park. Feel free to wear your princess gowns with hiking shoes!
  • Fairy Houses or Forts
    Imagine living and surviving outdoors if you were tiny! Venture into the woods to build a pint-sized home for a fairy, creature, dolls, stuffed animals or even yourself. 
  • Wildlife Detectives
    Explore the park's trails to find the animals that live here. Use the clues they leave behind to learn what they were doing!

Party Package:

  • Naturalist-guided nature-themed program (90 minutes)
  • Meadowlark Pavilion for 30 minutes for cake, presents, etc. 
  • Reserved parking for guests
  • Small party favors for guests
  • Invitation template

Residents: $129
Nonresidents: $135

Other Information:
Ages 4+
Up to 12 participants (attending adults do not count toward participant number)
Additional children (up to 24 total) are welcome for an additional guide fee (Residents $59 / Nonresidents $65)
Balloons are not permitted in the park. All weather programs unless dangerous conditions exist. 

To Book Your Party:
For information and to book a nature birthday party, call 303.730.1022 or register online.


Carson Nature Center
(N of Mineral Ave, W of Santa Fe Dr)
3000 W Carson Drive
Littleton, CO 80120

South Platte Park Manager
Skot Latona