Master Plan

South Suburban is guided by its 2022 Master Plan and 2022 Strategic Plan – comprehensive, District-wide plans that serve as the foundation of our community-driven vision for the next five to ten years. The South Suburban Board of Directors approved the 2022 Master and Strategic Plans at their April 12, 2023 meeting.  


Guiding Principles 

The Master Plan is organized by five guiding principles – broad initiatives describing what we aspire to achieve and that have evolved out of community engagement and recent foundational planning efforts. 

The five principles are:   

1. Quality First 
2. Connect Community 
3. Enrich Wellness 
4. Stewards of Nature and Sustainability 
5. Fiscal Responsibility  

The Master Plan expands on these five principles, detailing their meaning, why they’re important, upcoming opportunities, and potential next steps.  


The Plan 

View the Master Plan and its Appendices: 

2022 Master Plan

Appendix A: Inventory and Level of Service

Appendix B: Master Plan Engagement Summary

Appendix C: Master Plan Analysis


Strategic Plan

On April 12, 2023, the South Suburban Board of Directors approved the 2022 Strategic Plan. The 2022 Strategic Plan is an internally-focused document that will help South Suburban identify and address its vision and goals for the next five to ten years. 

The Strategic Plan identifies South Suburban’s mission, vision, and values, analyzes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the organization, and establishes overarching goals and objectives. This information, collected from public outreach meetings, surveys and interviews with staff, is the foundation for success now and in the future.   


The Plan 

View the 2022 Strategic Plan: 

2022 Strategic Plan






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