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New Plans Underway! SSPRD Master Plan and Strategic Plan Updates

South Suburban’s Master Plan is getting a refresh, charting a course to serve the District’s communities with continued improvements to parks, trails, and recreation programs. Efforts surrounding the 2017 Master and Strategic Plans have been so successful they are largely complete, and it is now time to look further into the future. The 2022 plan updates will build upon the Guiding Principles outlined in the 2017 Master and Strategic Plans and will identify new goals and objectives for the next 5-10 years. This process will provide exciting opportunities to get involved and help guide the future of your parks and recreation. Stay tuned for more updates!

2017 Master Plan Guiding Principles Illustration: Quality first, Enrich Wellness, Connect to Nature, and Lead Sustainability

Project Overview & Schedule

South Suburban wants to hear from the community! There will be multiple opportunities to share your input on park and recreation needs and contribute to the 2022 Master Plan update. Residents will be invited to provide input through an online survey and pop-up stations, which will be held at various community events throughout the summer. Check back here for more details on surveys and events.

2022 Master Plan Timeline Illustration

2017 Master Plan Accomplishments

The 2017 Master Plan has achieved many District goals including CAPRA accreditation, renewed voter-approved tax support, multiple improvements and many new recreation amenities.
Outdoor Recreation Improvement Projects since 2017:

  1. 26 Playground/Park Improvement Projects
  2. 4 Ballfield Projects
  3. 7 Basketball Court Projects
  4. 5 Tennis Court Projects
  5. 3 Multi-Use Field Projects
  6. 1 Disc Golf Course Project
  7. 18 Shelter Projects
  8. 41 Trail Improvement Projects
  9. 3 Restroom Projects
  10. 13 Irrigation Improvement Projects

Facility Improvement Projects since 2017:

  1. 1 New Facility (South Suburban Sports Complex )
  2. 5 Facility Replacements:
    1. Littleton Golf and Tennis Club
    2. Family Sports Dome
    3. Holly Pool
    4. Franklin Pool
    5. Harlow Pool
  3. 52 Major Improvements to Facilities

Learn more about the 2017 Master and Strategic Plans

Outdoor Recreation Improvement Projects since 2017 Map Facility Improvement Projects since 2017 Map

Get Involved

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