Committees & Councils

In addition to volunteer citizen committees working with staff, South Suburban regularly requests citizens to volunteer by interest group in order to assess the needs of the District.

South Suburban Public Art Committee

General Information About Public Art Committee

The South Suburban Public Art Committee (SSPAC) is an advisory committee appointed by the South Suburban Board of Directors. It reviews temporary and permanent art displays and makes recommendations to their placement in parks and facilities. It also advises on other artistic projects within South Suburban.

 Please see the most recent  Interactive Art map indicating public art placed across the district.  

Recent commissions include:

  • Balance in Motion by John King. This sculpture is one in a series of work by this kinetic sculptor which comes alive in the wind. This work carries the theme of “balance in motion - reflections on the arts of tennis and golf.” Using spheres, hoops and swooping arcs, the work has the visual reference to balls, racquets, and clubs and their spinning arcs through the air. The motion of the piece is delightful, a seeming dance of balance between the elements of the game. Displayed at the Littleton Golf and Tennis Club.
  • Open Window by Ted Schaal. This unique piece is made of bronze and stainless steel with a vertical, bronze, rectangle from the front bisecting at a 45-degree angle with a high polished stainless orb sandwiched in the center. Displayed at Lone Tree Golf Club & Hotel behind the proshop.
  • Perfect Swing by Chris Powell. An abstract piece made of corten steel, stainless steel, bronze, cast bronze, and cast glass depicting a perfect down swing of a golfer. Viewable from the entrances to the South Suburban proshop and the South Suburban Golf Course Bar and Grill.
  • 'Plash by Tom and Jean Latka. A colorful piece made from glass, concrete and steel. Installed at the edge of the relaxing pond at Little’s Creek Park.
  • Collective Nest by Josh Wiener. A creative nesting of a fish and a hawk made of stainless steel. Displayed at The Hudson Gardens & Events Center amongst the live gardens.
  • Pennant Whimsy by David Farquharson. The sculpture at Cherry Knolls Park resembles wind-blown pennant flags on top of wavy, 18-foot-tall aluminum and stainless steel flag poles. Each pennant is created of different mesh metallic materials to create multiple moiré patterns, giving the illusion of motion along its surface. Farquaharson incorporated the school colors of nearby Littleton schools in the design.
  • Intersection by Frank Swanson. Frank created this stone piece specifically for Kimmer Plaza located in the City of Lone Tree with the intention of it lasting hundreds of years. He designed its pieces of presumably interlocking pieces to stimulate questions from those visiting the park. It reflects his sculpting of stone at surgical precision to demonstrate ingenuity.

Permanent Public Art at the new Recreation Complex  

The South Suburban Park and Recreation Public Art Committee (SSPAC) has selected finalists from an array of artists in Colorado and its surrounding states who expressed interested in creating public two or three-dimensional artwork for display on an interior wall in the future Recreation Complex in Littleton, Colorado.  Artists applied on Café

South Suburban Public Art Committee Temporary Exhibition Processes

SSPAC also oversees the temporary art exhibits at the District’s recreation centers. If interested in having your art included in one of these facilities, please review, fill-in and send us this temporary art exhibit form.   Please contact Darcie LaScala at for information about the temporary art exhibits.

South Suburban Public Art Committee Art-on-Loan Program

Annually, the committee selects sculptures for display at Goodson Recreation Center and The Hudson Gardens and Events Center. These are on loan from the artists for one year and are for sale to the public.  Purchasers may take possession after the one year exhibition period,   An honorarium is provided to the selected artists, and therefore, the artists must provide SSPAC with the signed Art on Loan Agreement and their current W9.
SSPAC invites Colorado artists to submit their application for the latest Art on Loan program on October 1, 2019 with a deadline of February 11, 2020.   Artists may only apply for the program on Café.   For information about this program, please contact Lynne Wachter.

South Suburban Youth Commission

The South Suburban Youth Commission gives teens in grades 7 - 11 the opportunity to become involved in their community and in South Suburban events and activities. Commissioners have the chance to become creative leaders by organizing fundraisers, hosting service projects and partaking in fun activities with their peers.

You can learn more about the group on the Youth Commission page.

South Suburban Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee’s broad goal is to help the District meet current needs in a manner that makes the best, most environmentally and fiscally sound use of available resources, while preserving the ability to meet those needs in the future.

The Sustainability Committee's Charter was adopted in June 2012.   With their goal in mind, the Sustainability Committee Mission is:

“Continuously to improve our stewardship of the resources entrusted to us by our community by identifying and applying sustainable practices in design, construction, operations, and maintenance throughout the District.”

Read more about the sustainable measures we implement to save tax dollars, improve the health of our residents, improve the natural environment, protect natural resources and save energy.

Learn more about our efforts on People.Power.Planet.