Renewing Resident IDs

SAFE RETURN: Current SSPRD ID holders who own property in the district can renew their resident ID card over the phone by calling 303-347-5999 (opt. 1). ID renewals are $4 and are valid for two years. Staff will adjust your account status and new cards will be sent via mail.


How do I know if I am a District Resident
Anyone who rents or owns property within the South Suburban Park and Recreation District boundaries is a District Resident.

To see if your address is a part of the District, use the search field on this page. If you're a property owner, you can also look for South Suburban on your most recent property tax statement.

If you have any questions or want to double-check your residency, call our Registration Office during business hours at 303.347.5999.

How do I receive Resident rates?
To get Resident rates for classes and admission to facilities, you'll need a South Suburban Resident photo ID card.

Resident ID cards cost $4 and are valid for two years.

To receive a Resident ID Card, you'll need to bring proof of residency to one of our locations that can create cards. Proof of residency consists of either:

  • Driver's license with current address on front only OR
  • Photo ID AND one of the following documents:
    • Utility statement (e.g. current energy, phone bill)
    • Legal document showing ownership of property in the District (e.g. property statement, home deed, lease or rental agreement)

Bring your proof of residency and payment to one of the following locations during regular business hours to receive your ID:

Do I need a South Suburban ID card if I'm not a District resident?
You only need a Nonresident ID if you are purchasing a facility pass or punch card. Nonresident photo ID cards are $5 and can be obtained at any of the locations listed above.

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