Speech, Campaign and Advocacy Activities

Click the buttons below to read the full policy and request a speech activity. All requests can be submitted to Jennifer King at JKing@ssprd.org or mailed to Jennifer King, Manager of Administrative Services, South Suburban Sports Complex, 4810 East County Line Road, Littleton, CO 80126.

The following rules and regulations apply to the public facilities owned and operated by the South Suburban Park and Recreation District (the “District”), including the District’s recreation centers, golf courses, parks and trails, and the District-owned sidewalks and trails adjacent thereto (collectively, the “SSPR Facilities”).

1. Unsolicited, verbal communications intended to persuade or attempt to persuade another person to the speaker’s point of view, including petitioning, picketing, leafleting, campaign activities, proselytizing, the sale and distribution of newspapers, carrying of placards, and the display of signs, banners, or other written materials (collectively, “Speech Activities”), are permitted at SSPR Facilities only in designated areas (“Speech Areas”) at a time, place and in a manner consistent with these Rules and Regulations and as approved by the Executive Director or

2. The Executive Director or other designee shall identify Speech Areas for the SSPR Facilities. Such areas must be outside of any building, and generally should be at least 100 feet from the entrances to any building or active use area, safe for both the speakers and users of SSPR Facilities, and allow adequate room for passage. A bulletin board, counter, or table top may be provided upon request within a public area of a District building for the display of written materials. In order to prevent the disruption of District operations, the size of any sign, leaflet, handbill, or distribution of any kind may be limited to a maximum size of 8 ½ x 11 inches.

3. Those engaging in Speech Activities in designated Speech Areas are not permitted to: 

(a) Create a dangerous or hazardous condition, interfere with access and use of the SSPR Facilities, damage property, or create an unnecessary maintenance expense for the District;

(b) Post promotional materials (i.e. banners, materials, signs, etc.) on trees or other natural features within SSPR Facilities, or post promotional materials on man-made features within SSPR Facilities without prior approval from the Executive Director or his/her designee;

(c) Distribute promotional materials on vehicles parked at SSPR Facilities;

(d) Have more than two speakers in the Speech Area at any time, except with prior approval from the Executive Director or other designee;

(e) Hinder, impede, block the passage of District patrons, employees or visitors;

(f) Harass or continue to impose upon, follow, shout at or against, mark for approach by others or otherwise press an issue after having been advised of the patron’s, employee’s, or visitor’s lack of interest in an opposing viewpoint and/or desire to be left alone;

(g) Surround or make repeated approaches to a District patron, employee, or visitor;

(h) Incite or promote arguments with or among District patrons, employees, or visitors;

(i) Incite or promote imminent acts of violence;

(j) Present, impose, or otherwise impress upon District patrons, employees, or visitors obscene materials or materials, photographs, or demonstrative exhibits generally offensive in the community; or

(k) Violate these Rules and Regulations or any additional time, place and manner restrictions imposed by the District.

4. The following are exempt from these Rules and Regulations, except that all signs, banners and other materials displayed shall be inoffensive and family-friendly, and the District reserves all rights related to review and
enforcement thereof:

(a) The District may display signs, banners or other materials;

(b) Individuals and organizations who rent a meeting room at SSPR Facilities may display a sign in a location designated by the Executive Director or an appointed designee for informational purposes that states the name of the individual or organization, and the date, time and location of the meeting;

(c) Individuals and organizations who pay a sponsorship fee to support the District’s facilities, activities, events, and/or operations may display promotional materials (i.e. banners, materials, signs, etc.) in a location designated by the Executive Director or an appointed designee; and

(d) Nonprofits and governmental entities that partner with the District to provide information to the public and for which the District receives reciprocal benefits may display promotional materials (i.e. banners, materials, signs, etc.) in a location designated by the Executive Director or an appointed designee.

5. Any individual who violates these Rules and Regulations will first be given a verbal warning. If the violation does not cease, such individual will be escorted off District property without receiving a refund for any entrance or program fees paid. Violations may also result in the revocation of the right to utilize the SSPRD Facilities and programs.

6. If a violation of these Rules and Regulations also constitutes a violation of federal, state, or local law (e.g., trespass, disorderly conduct, nuisance), the individual will be subject to all applicable penalties under such law.

7. The Executive Director or an appointed designee is responsible for the administration of these Rules and Regulations.

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