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 South Suburban recreation centers display temporary art exhibits in July 2019

South Suburban recreation centers display temporary art exhibits in July 2019

Jul 05 2019

Beauty in Junk, a photograph by Gwen Paton

Each month the South Suburban Public Art Committee selects local artists to display their work at three of South Suburban’s recreation centers. These temporary art exhibits at these facilities are intended to support and promote South Suburban's mission to enrich the lives of all its residents and encourage a legacy of art to be enjoyed and appreciated.  All artwork is available for purchase.

Name: Lannie Pihajlic
Residence: Englewood
Medium: Paintings and digital photographs
Collection: Lannie’s exhibit is titled Colorful Colorado because that is exactly what you will find displayed. From colorful skies to slope hugging snowboarders, see and feel why you love living here.
On display: Buck Recreation Center, July 1 - 31, 2019     

Name:  Gwen Paton
Residence: Littleton
Medium:  Photographs
Collection: Gwen calls her exhibit Photo Finds – Here and Now. She likes to create moments in time, items captured at that split second it reveals the inner character of the subject. She strives to have every one of her photographs a one-of-a-kind moment that you can treasure forever.
On display: Lone Tree Recreation Center, July 1 - 31, 2019

Name:  Susan Winn
Residence: Lakewood
Medium:  Photographs
Collection: Susan’s photography is a study of the relationship of detail, its interaction with color, and lighting to create what is perceptually beautiful. These images range from extreme close-ups to vast landscape and dreamlike images.
On display: Goodson Recreation Center, July 1 - 31, 2019

South Suburban's Public Art Committee encourages all Colorado artists to apply to display their artwork temporarily. For a complete list of guidelines and an art exhibition application, go to or contact the Arts and Enrichment Manager Darcie LaScala at 720.245.2601 or