Executive Director Dave A. Lorenz Announces Retirement

Jan 22 2015

It’s the end of an era. David A. Lorenz, a name practically synonymous with South Suburban, and an icon in the park and recreation industry, is retiring after 48 years with South Suburban Park and Recreation District, and 30 years as Executive Director, effective March 31, 2015.

Employees, keep safe and help the District save money!

Jan 01 2015

Keep Safe and Help the District Save Money! Much like buying insurance for your car, South Suburban Park and Recreation District purchases liability insurance for its facilities. This insurance covers a broad number of things from hail damage to our buildings and vehicles, to accidents and injuries incurred by our patrons or employees.

South Suburban Dishes Weekday Comfort Food

Nov 14 2014

Meat loaf, fried chicken and lasagna. For some it brings up nostalgic thoughts of family and friends, and for others it’s the culinary equivalent of a warm sweater or a favorite blanket. Comfort food fills our belly and warms our soul. South Suburban has introduced a weekday “Early Bird” menu at two of its public restaurants, designed for the early diner who craves comfort food at a reasonable price.

The Benefits of Ballot Issue 4C

Nov 05 2014
The Benefits of Ballot Issue 4C
South Suburban is celebrating; though residents are the real winners. With the passage of Ballot Issue 4C, South Suburban can move forward with district-wide improvements.