2021 Matching Gifts Program Selections will Provide Community Improvements

2021 Matching Gifts Program Selections will Provide Community Improvements

May 17 2021

Each year, South Suburban’s Matching Gifts Program helps individuals, neighborhoods, homeowner associations, sports groups, businesses and other organizations turn their ideas into reality. Today, South Suburban is excited to announce the projects selected for the 2021 Matching Gifts Program!

The South Suburban Board of Directors and staff reviewed all of the applications for proposed projects, and on May 12 the Board approved nine projects to fund through the Matching Gifts program. The total cost of all the projects is $22,755, half of which will be provided by South Suburban.

The 2021 Matching Gifts Program project selections include:

  • A 6-foot wide crushed stone walking trail at Hogback Hill Park
  • Permanent Story Walk feature at Gallup Gardens
  • Sod, seed and irrigation repairs at Cornerstone Park
  • Potters wheel and HEPA filters for the Goodson Pottery studio
  • Figure skating training spinner for South Suburban Sports Complex
  • Swim race equipment at Cook Creek and Ben Franklin Pools
  • Renovation/upgrade of a landscape entry sign bid on District property in Acres Green
  • Trees behind a private residence along Filmore Tributary/Big Dry Creek Trail

South Suburban is inspired by the ideas our community has to improve and celebrate our neighborhoods and environment. Thank you for your applications, and stay tuned for updates on these awesome projects!