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2022 Matching Gifts Program Selections

2022 Matching Gifts Program Selections

Apr 28 2022

Each year, South Suburban’s Matching Gifts Program helps individuals, neighborhoods, homeowner associations, sports groups, businesses and other organizations turn their ideas into reality. South Suburban is excited to announce the projects selected for the 2022 Matching Gifts Program!

The South Suburban Board of Directors and staff reviewed all of the project applications, and on April 13 the Board approved seven projects to fund through the Matching Gifts Program. The total cost of all the projects is $12,525, half of which will be provided by South Suburban.

The 2022 Matching Gifts Program project selections include:

  • Pottery supplies and kiln shelves for the South Suburban Pottery Guild 
  • All American Twin Deck Spotting Platform and multipurpose mats for Sparks Gymnastics 
  • Two 2 sets of backstroke flags, reels and swivel clips for the Holly Park Sharks Swim Team
  • A Hoyer electric mobile floor lift for the Buck Recreation Center 
  • Swimmer records board for the Ben Franklin Fish Swim Team 
  • Tree planting at Southbridge Park 
  • Turf repair/replacement at deKoevend Park for Littleton Soccer 

South Suburban is inspired by the ideas our community has to improve and celebrate our neighborhoods and environment. Thank you for your applications, and stay tuned for updates on these awesome projects!