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Apply for the 2023 Matching Gifts Program

Apply for the 2023 Matching Gifts Program

Feb 23 2023

Each year, South Suburban's Matching Gifts Program helps individuals, neighborhoods, homeowner associations, sports groups, businesses, and other organizations turn their ideas into reality. Applications for 2023 projects are open now! 

Submit an application to see how we can work together on making improvements across the District. Applications for 2023 are due Wednesday, March 15 by 5 p.m. Learn more about the Matching Gifts Program and project requirements, and apply here


The 2022 Matching Gifts Program project selections included:

  • Turf repairs at deKoevend Park
  • Equipment for the gymnastics room at Goodson Recreation Center
  • Swim race equipment at Holly and Ben Franklin pools
  • Pottery supplies and kiln for the Goodson Pottery Studio
  • Electric mobile floor lift for Buck Recreation Center pool
  • Evergreen trees at Southbridge Park