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South Suburban Opposes Proposition HH

South Suburban Opposes Proposition HH

Oct 18 2023

At the Oct. 18 special meeting, the South Suburban Board of Directors passed a resolution formally opposing Proposition HH: Reduce Property Taxes and Retain State Revenue. Proposition HH will appear on the statewide ballot in the Nov. 7, 2023, general election.

If approved by voters this fall, Proposition HH would mandate reductions in local property taxes, resulting in loss of revenue to local governments. It also would allow the state to keep additional money that would otherwise be refunded to taxpayers by temporarily changing how taxpayer TABOR refunds are distributed.

“We are opposing Proposition HH because we have a desire to ensure that South Suburban offers the same quality services in the future that our community enjoys today,” said Board Member Pete Barrett.

Significant reductions in South Suburban’s property tax revenue challenge its ability to provide high-quality recreational services, including significant investments in service expansion to large areas of new development, construction and maintenance costs of existing facilities and infrastructure, and other inflationary impacts.

“Our 2022 Master Plan indicates that our residents want to continue to invest in local parks and recreation amenities,” said Board Member Pam Eller. “The South Suburban community appreciates the value we provide with their tax dollars.”

Read the full resolution here.