South Suburban Board of Directors Reduces Mill Levy for 2024

Jan 04 2024

The South Suburban Board of Directors approved an 8.320 mill levy for the 2024 budget year at its Jan. 3 special meeting. This is a .106 reduction from the 2023 mill levy of 8.426.

“I think people hold us in high regard for the way we manage their money and the facilities we run,” said Board Member Pam Eller. “I want to keep that intact. This year we made the conscious decision to not increase, and I think that leaves us in good standing.”

The district’s assessed value increased by 19.16%, which resulted in a tax revenue increase equaling only 4.7% of the organization’s total budgeted expenditures. SSPRD had the option to increase its voter-approved mill levy in 2024 but decided instead to lower the rate to benefit its residents.

South Suburban remains committed to its guiding principle of fiscal responsibility, while still achieving its 2024 community-driven goals. User fees were increased by less than 2% despite substantial inflation, higher minimum wages, and increased business expenses.

A summary of the 2024 budget and the complete budget details are available here.