South Suburban Pottery

Welcome to Clay Arts at Goodson!

Students can learn the basics of pottery wheel throwing and glazing or focus on different techniques when throwing and centering or be introduced new tools and techniques and helping students continue to perfect their skills. Even though it is designed for all skills students will receive the individual attention needed to advance their techniques. Registered Students are encouraged to use the studio during the open lab hours. 

Clay and tools purchased during classes. No outside clay is allowed.  The cost of clay covers all firings and glazes for pieces less than 12 inches in height or width.  There may be additional fees for items over 12 inches in height or width.  Email coordinator with details or questions. 

Our studio is equipped with eleven electric wheels, extruder, slab roller, three electric kilns, high-fire gas kiln and RAKU kiln. It’s a place where students of all levels work side by side.

Minimum Class Requirements:

  • Must be able to carry/lift 25lbs
  • Follow all studio rules and policies 
  • Must be able to follow step by step directions and carry out directions independently

Individuals are encouraged to act in a way that will not hurt another person physically, mentally or emotionally. A participant may be asked to withdraw from a class or program if behavior does not comply with the facility and program standards.
• Appropriate social behavior is required.
• Participants must follow directions and stay with the group at all times.
• Refrain from using abusive or foul language.
• Refrain from causing bodily harm to self, other
   participants, program staff or property.
• The use of drugs, alcohol and weapons are prohibited at any SSPR Program.

Pottery Guild

The Pottery Guild has provided many wonderful additions to the pottery studio such as with donations, matching grants, and 15% collected at the sales.  In 2019 the guild purchased a new slab roller, glaze tongs, kiln shelves, posts, and other items.  Next time you are in the studio, look for SSPG (South Suburbn Pottery Guild) on the bottom of tools  and equipment to see if purchase by the guild.

Pottery Guild Sales

All South Suburban pottery students are offered the opportunity to join the South Suburban Pottery Guild. The Guild hosts four sales a year at the Goodson and Buck recreation centers. To join and participate in these sales, guild members must pay an annual $5 membership fee and donate 4 hours of their time at the sale which they are selling their own pottery.
All pottery pieces at the sales are the work of South Suburban instructors and members of the Goodson clay arts community.  15% of overall sales are donated back to the clay arts studio located at the Goodson Recreation Center.

Upcoming Pottery Guild Sales:
• 8 am - 8 pm
• Dec 2 - 4, Monday - Wednesday at Buck Recreation Center
• Dec 9 - 12, Monday - Thursday at Goodson Recreation Center

Pottery Level 1

Learn the basics of pottery wheel throwing and glazing with individual attention given to each student. Registered students are encouraged to use the studio during the open lab hours.
Attendance to the first class is required. Please arrange with the instructor if you need to miss the first class. Clay and tools are purchased from the instructor during the first class. No outside clay is allowed in the studio.



Pottery Level 2

This class is for those who have completed a beginning class and are ready to learn more about working with clay! The class focuses on different throwing and centering techniques, learning more about studio equipment, and preparing students for the next level.  Students must have taken a beginning pottery class or been throwing for multiple years to participate. All clay is purchased from the instructor as no outside clay is allowed inside the studio. 



Pottery Level 3

This class is for those who have been in a level 2 class for a while and ready to learn more!  It focuses on throwing larger pieces, introducing new tools and techniques, and helping students continue to perfect their skills.  Students must have taken a beginning and intermediate pottery class or been throwing for years to participate.  Students must purchase clay from instructor as no outside clay is allowed inside the studio.



Pottery Studio Lab Time

Pottery lab time participants must have recently taken a pottery class at Goodson to be eligible. Clay must be purchased through an instructor with no outside clay in the studio.

There are several ways to benefit from our studio lab time: All current students registered in a pottery class may use open lab during the paid running time of the class. Lab time is included in the cost of the class.
• Daily drop-in lab is available to students who have taken a class at the Goodson Recreation Center. They need to pay a drop-in fee at the front desk and leave the receipt in the box located in the studio.
• Monthly lab is available to students who have taken a class at the Goodson Recreation Center. They need to check in every time on the lab sign-in sheet. Registration for Lab time allows you to use the studio and be a member of the Pottery Guild.
• Work and practice all month during center hours in the studio, except during wheel classes and up to 1/2 hour before the center closes. Designated locker space is included in the fee.
• Potters of all levels work side by side.

Youth Pottery

We offer pottery classes for ages 10 - 17. We have 6-week classes: Beginning Youth Pottery and Continuing Youth Pottery.

Beginning Youth Pottery: Learn the basics of wheel throwing, handbuilding and glazing in this fun class!  Dress for a mess.  Clay is purchased in class. Attendance to first class is required. 

Continuing Youth Pottery: Teens who have throwing experience will continue to develop their skills in this intermediate class.  Dress for a mess. Clay is purchased in class.

If you are looking for a class for younger kids, please check out our handbuilding classes for youth. We have Clay Creations (ages 8 - 12), Clay Club (ages 5 - 8), Clayhood (3 - 6), and Parent-tot Clay (ages 30 months - 5). Classes can be found on our catalog www.ssprd.org/Catalog under ARTS.


Goodson Arts Coordinator
Chris Scott

Private Lessons

$30/hr per person, each additional person in your group is $10/hr
To book a private lesson, please call Chris at 303-483-7074.


HallyAnn Tollefsrud
Sheri Shortridge
Christine Katzenberg
Patricia Sackrider
David Bridges
Will Benson
Sally O’Brien

Clay Arts Studio Location

Inside the Goodson Recreation Center
6315 S. University Blvd.
Centennial CO 80121