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Employees, keep safe and help the District save money!

Jan 01 2015

Much like buying insurance for your car, South Suburban Park and Recreation District purchases liability insurance for its facilities. This insurance covers a broad number of things from hail damage to our buildings and vehicles to accidents and injuries incurred by our patrons or employees.

This year, our risk insurer, Colorado Special Districts Property, and Liability Pool, has agreed to provide the District with approximately a 5% discount on our premiums, if 80% of all SSPRD’s employees take just 1 of 22 offered safety trainings through Target Solutions. Target Solutions is an online training system where each of us can select and take these trainings.

The following trainings count toward meeting this insurance requirement:

  • Adjusting to Changing Conditions
  • Alcohol-Free Workplace
  • Avoiding Slips, Trips, and Falls
  • Back Injury Prevention
  • Computer Security Awareness
  • Dangers of Speeding
  • Defensive Driving Strategies
  • Distracted Driving
  • Driver Safety Orientation
  • Drug-Free Workplace
  • Ethics in the Workplace
  • Fire Prevention Safety
  • Intersection Safety
  • Hazard Communication
  • General Office Ergonomics
  • Office Safety
  • Playground Safety
  • Playground Supervision
  • Preventing Discrimination in the Workplace
  • Safe Backing
  • Sexual Harassment Awareness
  • Workplace Diversity

Lowering or keeping our liability premiums contained means more money available in the District’s operating budget. The operating budget is where wages and benefits are paid. Many of you are aware, the District will be reviewing our pay plans and internal equity issues that the new minimum wage law passed in 2016 will create over the next several years.

By simply taking one safety training through the Target Solutions system, you help the organization achieve two of its goals:

  • Create a safe environment for you and our patrons.
  • Support the organization’s financial stability.

Year to date (YTD) we have had 223 employees complete one of the safety trainings. To achieve our goal of 80% of all employees, we need 1,155 employees to complete a training. The chart below shows our YTD achievement.

Employee breakdown

We have until September 30, 2017, to achieve this goal to receive the discount. So, please log in to Target Solutions and take one of the safety courses listed above.

We also understand that there may be some confusion around which incident form needs to be completed for the various types of accidents. There are three forms and they are also color coded. See the below matrix which describes which form is required for what type of accident, its color and to whom to send it.

Type of Form Work Comp – Yellow Incident/Accident– Blue Vehicle Accident - Green

Who Receives Form

Rosetta Gallardo

Betsy Ellison

Stuart Bunt and Betsy Ellison

What form do you fill out if an employee was injured in a vehicle accident?


Yes *



Yes *

What form for a patron incident that involved a company vehicle?




Yes *


Yes *

What form if an employee claims he was injured on the job?





What form if a patron had an incident while on one of our properties?





What form for just a vehicle incident?




Yes *

* A post-accident drug test shall be conducted if an accident involves a District vehicle and the accident results in an injury to anyone (notify HR immediately).

Work Comp Forms (Yellow)

  • First page – Employee Accident/Incident Report (completed by Employee the same day if possible).
  • Second page – Supervisor’s Accident Investigation Report (completed by supervisor within 48 hours).
  • Third page – Employee signature WC facility location page.

Incident/Accident Forms (Blue)

  • Property Damage, Personal Injury, Theft, Vandalism and Other – (completed by any SSPRD employee).
  • Supervisor’s Accident Investigation Report (completed by the supervisor).

Vehicle Accident Forms (Green)

  • Form completed within 24 hours of an accident.