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South Suburban Board approves and adopts 2018 Budget

South Suburban Board approves and adopts 2018 Budget

Nov 20 2017

South Suburban Park and Recreation District’s (SSPRD) 2018 budget was approved and adopted by the Board of Directors at the November 16 board meeting.  A major focus of the $65 million budget is to take South Suburban to the next level of being a first-class organization.

The 2018 budget was prepared to align with the District’s Guiding Principles and the Strategic Goals outlined in the District’s recently approved Master and Strategic Plans.

Guiding Principles:

  • Quality First
  • Enrich Wellness
  • Connect to Nature
  • Lead Sustainability

Strategic Goals:

  • Embrace our Guiding Principles
  • Embrace our Staff
  • Engage our Future

Key elements of the 2018 Budget include:

  • Reduction of District’s total mill levy from 8.643 to 8.500
  • $12,900,475 for highest priority capital and maintenance needs throughout the District
  • $3,895,827 of capital funded through leveraging of District funds with grants, intergovernmental revenue and lease proceeds
  • Limited increases in fees and charges for programs (2.2%)
  • Maintain current assets
  • Reorganization of the Parks Department to provide better service and maintenance of parks, open space and trails.
  • Funding for leadership training and new customer service initiative
  • Reinvest in employees

Thanks to voter-approved 4B and 4C in November, SSPRD is financially poised to serve residents well into the future. The passage of 4B extends the one and two mill levies approved in 2010 and 2014 respectively. The approval of 4C allows the District to extend the existing bond repayment mill levy to support additional capital projects. The District will move forward to improve the connectivity of existing trails; build a multi-generational facility including turf fields and Pickleball courts; renovate and upgrade existing facilities; improve energy and water efficiency at parks, fields and facilities; and repair and improve aging recreation facilities.  

Highlights of the 2018 budget includes conservation of natural areas, open space and parks; as well as improving walking, biking and hiking trails, repairing and improving existing parks, recreation facilities and playgrounds, and replacing outdated mechanical equipment with new energy saving systems, including renewable energy; and saving water by replacing inefficient irrigation systems in parks. The budget includes $12,900,475 for capital and deferred maintenance projects.

The 2018 budget includes fee increases of $552,199, or just 2.2% of total program revenue. The District's golf, parks and recreation departments will implement increased fees in selected lessons, facility rentals, facility admission and golf cart fees.

Projects that started in 2017 that will be completed in 2018 include the Entertainment District Park in Lone Tree; improvements to Elati, Charley Emley and Promise parks; Sunset Park expansion; and ongoing energy saving improvements to various facilities.

South Suburban provides and manages parks, trails, open space and recreation facilities and programs for 155,000 residents living in Littleton, Lone Tree, Sheridan, Columbine Valley, Bow Mar, western Centennial and portions of unincorporated Jefferson, Douglas and Arapahoe Counties.   

South Suburban helps people explore opportunities for mind/body wellness, seek out new activities and new amenities and connect with nature.