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Want an insider look at the natural cycles of South Platte Park?

Want an insider look at the natural cycles of South Platte Park?

Apr 07 2015

By Skot Latona, Park Supervisor, South Platte Park

When is the best time for that family photo with fall colors? Do I need mosquito repellent yet? When is the best time to see baby owls? Sometimes it can be difficult to recall from year to year when nature events happen. We now have a tool to help you!

In 2014, South Platte Park started a circular calendar via Prezi to record approximately when things were noticed in the Park. It was an anecdotal record, no hard measurements. Our goal was to record when a first-of-season bird was noticed, when a leaf or flower was seen, when baby owls were first seen, when the peak fall colors happened, etc, so staff and visitors could know what to expect in the future.

There are many websites that track this type of information as well and ask for your participation. Project Budburst, eBird, and Project Noah are just a few, and they even come with cell-phone apps to let you track it all. This tool is specific to South Platte Park. For example, currants in the foothills bloom one to three weeks later than they do here by the river!

In 2015, we are going back through a copy of the calendar and adding 2015 dates to things that are confirmed again this year or adding and moving things as this year differs.  Last year was a dry spring, high snow pack, and a wet and cool summer.  How might it be different this year?  How might it be different 10 years from now?

Now, find out what is happening by rotating through the months, and get out there to enjoy Nature!

If you have observations to add, you’re welcome to write them on the white-board in the Carson Nature Center, or email any of the staff at South Platte Park.