Improve your Well-being with SilverSneakers®

Improve your Well-being with SilverSneakers®

Nov 11 2015

It’s all possible with SilverSneakers®, a fitness program covered by participating health plans that gives you the freedom to get fit your way, for free. SilverSneakers® is for Medicare eligible individuals. Medicare open enrollment for 2016 coverage runs through Dec. 7, 2015. Be sure to ask if your health care plan includes the SilverSneakers® fitness program.

We were an early Adopter

South Suburban Park and Recreation District was an early adopter of the program, and Goodson Recreation Center in Centennial has one of the largest SilverSneakers® enrollments in the state, a designation it has had for nearly a decade. While Colorado’s active lifestyle helps boost participation, the wide variety of drop-in fitness classes offered at Goodson Recreation Center plays a strong role in the high number of participants. SilverSneakers® classes are targeted to Baby Boomers; however, anyone can attend, regardless of age.

Approximately 5,000 SilverSneakers® members visit Goodson, Buck, Lone Tree and Sheridan recreation centers regularly.

SilverSneakers® Fitness Classes

A cornerstone to the SilverSneakers® program is the SilverSneakers® fitness classes—Classic, Cardio, Circuit and Yoga. Everything from low impact to high intensity classes are offered. Instructors are SilverSneakers® certified and are evaluated by the District. SilverSneakers® participants also can take advantage of all drop-in fitness classes at the recreation centers, including Aqua Fitness, Healthy Back, Gentle Yoga, Cardio Muscle, Zumba and Walk-N-Tone.  Just like SilverSneakers® members may participate in all drop-in classes; the SilverSneakers® classes are open to all recreation center users with daily admission. 

What’s in it for me?

The benefit to being a SilverSneakers® participant is that admission to South Suburban’s recreation centers, including unlimited drop-in fitness classes, and access to the weight room, pool, etc., is paid for by the program, through an arrangement with your health insurance.  Specialty fitness classes, beyond drop-in classes are not included.

Those who are eligible to participate in SilverSneakers® are issued a South Suburban SilverSneakers® ID card at no cost, and the card is valid for two years.

“SilverSneakers® is an incentive for those adults who otherwise, may not decide to exercise or join a drop-in class. SilverSneakers® encourages people to come to our facilities and start or continue with their workouts,” said Kelsey Whisler, fitness supervisor for South Suburban.  For more information call 303.347.5999.