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Wrap Trees to protect them from Sunscald

Wrap Trees to protect them from Sunscald

Nov 25 2015

As you wrap up for winter weather, wrap your trees as well.  The wrap isn’t to keep trees warm; it’s to prevent them from getting sunscald.

In Colorado, sunscald is a problem because of the rapid temperature fluctuations that occur between day and night in winter.  Sunscald is typically found on young deciduous trees usually 5 years and younger on the southwest side of the tree. Tree species that need to be protected are thin-barked trees such as Honey locust, Willow, Ashes, Maples, Lindens and fruit trees. The ideal time to wrap trees is early to mid-Nov., however, there is still time to protect trees. 

This fall, South Suburban Parks and Recreation wrapped more than 1,000 trees throughout the District!  Residents can purchase tree wrap from local garden centers and nurseries to keep trunk temperatures cool. Be sure to remove the wrap when spring arrives.  Wrap that’s not removed can harbor insects or disease and the tape can injure the tree as it expands in the spring.

South Suburban manages nearly 25,000 trees throughout the entire District.