Ketring Park gets new, efficient lights

Ketring Park gets new, efficient lights

Feb 22 2018

The lights at South Suburban’s Ketring Park burned brightly for nearly 40 years. Recently, as parts starting failing, South Suburban staff had difficulty finding replacements due to the age of the lenses and other mechanisms.

In January, the original lights were removed and modern and energy efficient light fixtures were installed throughout the park. “We decided to choose a fixture that mimicked the look of the adjacent Littleton Museum parking lot lights to maintain a consistent look”, said South Suburban’s Planning Manager Melissa Reese-Thacker.

The new LED lights direct light toward the path and not into nearby neighbors houses. There are 14 lights around the 10.2 acre park. With the upgrade to efficient LED lights, we’re able to cut power consumption in half. The lights are activated by a photocell and come on at dusk and off at dawn.

Throughout the project, many residents and dog walkers expressed their appreciation for the new lights, including the new look and upgrade to the park. They also said they enjoy being able to walk their dogs after dark and feel safer with the lighting. Ketring Park is located at 6000 S. Gallup St., Littleton.

Ketring is the only park in the District with lights around its trail. The project cost nearly $60,000 for new concrete caissons, poles, and lights, and it took about two weeks to complete. Integrated Electrical Contractors of Castle Rock performed the work.