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South Suburban Board of Directors Adopts 2024 Budget

South Suburban Board of Directors Adopts 2024 Budget

Nov 09 2023

The South Suburban Board of Directors adopted the 2024 budget at the regular public meeting held on Nov. 8. The Board also approved the five-year Capital Improvement Plan.

“Next year’s budget reflects the priorities set forth by our residents,” said South Suburban Board Member Pam Eller. “There is a strong focus on maintaining and improving our parks and trails, as well as looking to the future for additional recreation amenities.”

The 2024 budget aligns with South Suburban’s guiding principles and goals outlined in the 2022 Master and Strategic plans. A primary focus for next year is to expand relationships and collaborative efforts with municipal partners. The 2024 budget allocates more than $30 million for capital improvements, of which 30% is covered by grants and partnerships.

Community input played a critical role in identifying priorities for the $117 million budget. For example, a strong community desire for more pickleball courts has been addressed with plans to build a new facility at Mission Viejo (located at W. County Line Road and S. Broadway) through a partnership with Highlands Ranch Metro District. In addition, concerns about safety at Jackass Hill will be mitigated through renovations that emphasize design improvements and accessibility for residents.

“Continuing our relationships with our municipal partners is extremely valuable,” said Eller. “Working together allows us to invest in major projects throughout the District that otherwise wouldn’t be attainable.”

South Suburban is committed to improving service levels at parks and trails. More than $15 million is designated for the maintenance of local and regional parks and trails throughout the District, including Bear Creek Trail (Sheridan), Ketring/Gallup Park (Littleton), Sweetwater Park (Lone Tree), and Cherry Knolls Park (Centennial). This commitment is bolstered by budget allocations for eight new full-time positions.

Fiscal responsibility continues to be a cornerstone for South Suburban, as evidenced by our receiving the Government Finance Officers Association Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for 14 consecutive years and the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting 21 times.

Click here to view the 2024 budget summary.