South Suburban Matches More than $11,000 for Community Projects in 2014

South Suburban Matches More than $11,000 for Community Projects in 2014

Jul 18 2014

South Suburban Park and Recreation District is proud to announce recipients of the District’s 2014 Matching Gifts Program, a program that allows neighborhoods, homeowner associations, sports groups, businesses and other organizations to partner with South Suburban in the continuing development and improvement of District parks, facilities and programs. 

Projects selected from applications submitted this year include the planting of trees and shrubs within TrailMark Open Space in Littleton; the replacement of flooring needed to cover a portion of ice during the annual ice show at South Suburban Ice Arena; the purchase of additional swim fins for Ben Franklin Swim Team; the planting of two evergreen trees and shrubs along Big Dry Creek Trail in Centennial; installation of a barbecue grill at the shelter at Medema Park in Centennial; the planting of 4-6 trees in Carriage Club Estates Park in Lone Tree; the installation of the Dolphin Timing System for Holly Park Sharks Swim Team, the repair of penalty areas and goal mouths at Cornerstone Park and the purchase of additional glaze supplies, kiln repairs and maintenance for the Goodson Pottery Studio.

Matching gifts partners include: Littleton Soccer Club, Holly Park Sharks, Highlands 460 Civic Association, Hooks & Needles, Southglenn Civic Association, South Suburban Pottery Guild, Ridgeview Hills Civic Association, Ben Franklin Swim Team and the Carriage Club and TrailMark Home Owners Association in Lone Tree, and Littleton, respectively.  South Suburban thanks partners for their help in making these projects happen.

Applications for the Matching Gifts Program were due March 7, and South Suburban’s Board of Directors approved staff recommended requests for the Program at the April 9 Board meeting.   

The budget for the District’s Matching Gifts Program is typically $10,000. This year South Suburban staff recommended approving fifteen projects totaling $11,643 in matching funds.  Half of the projects are already completed, and others will be completed throughout 2014.  

Scroll down to see a few of the finished projects so far. 

Five new trees were planted in the Carriage Club Estates Park and included  Hot Wings Tatarian Maple and Northern Catalpa trees. 

Bring on the burgers! The new grill at Medema Park was one of the recommended Matching Gift projects this year.